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"Daryl has helped me, through my voice, to find myself. As a witness to my emergence, he holds an unwavering faith in my inherent goodness, which grounds me through storms of self-doubt and dark emotions. I might feel shy, nervous, mean, shallow or whiney, but he always manages to trace my surface display to its inner source and find the real me there, yearning to be seen. Over time, I have learned to make this contact increasingly on my own and find I spend most of the time operating from this authentic place. The results are ease and harmony. I am grateful not only for the help Daryl had given me but to know someone as supportive, as compassionate, and as real as Daryl."

- Miss. H, age 32, writer

"I get so much out of Daryl’s workshops. He has great boundaries and also great listening skills. I'm so impressed how he tailors the one-on-one work toward each student's needs. It's really a gift!"

- Miss. S, age 42, teacher

"I just wanted to say thank you for a great day yesterday, and an enjoyable workshop. I have to say you were really inspiring in your ability to evaluate what each person needed from their voice work – you were able to hear the ‘juice’ and take each of us into it. I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend your workshops to interested clients/friends."

- Mrs. K, age 65, Business Manager

"Daryl’s workshop was as always, illuminating, surprising and cleansing."

- Mrs. A, age 49, Performer

"Daryl has that ability to meet you exactly where you are then draw you towards a more open and connected state of being. He is playful and inventive as he welcomes you into the world of VMT. I always come out of his sessions more alive and in tune with the world around me."

- Mr. H, age 59, Computer Consultant

"On several occasions I have been brought back to my experience of the work that emerged during our time … and I am filled with gratitude… I remember the power and solace of exploring my emotions/my voice, and am again filled with gratitude..."

- Miss V, age 27, Expressive Arts Therapist

"Daryl creates a safe space where participants can explore all aspects of themselves and grow from the experience. Having a teacher that is grounded and has already "done the work" helps participants find their way to healing while having fun at the same time."

- Mrs. B, age 39, Fundraiser

"On the evening of the fourth class, stretching out and loosening up for fifteen or so minutes before the start it occurred to me, that in this space, with these men, I am not ashamed to be a man. Funny, I did not consciously know how deep the shame ran, until, in a still moment of safety the shame was gone. I am with men that want to explore and evolve, connect and share. Seems as strange and healing as my deep shame is strange and debilitating. As willing as the participants were, we would have stood in a circle, uncertain of where and how to move and explore the terrain. I'll take the liberty of speaking for the group and especially for myself - we were blessed to have you. Blessed to witness you in your integrity, working boldly with both technique and intuition. You introduced us to the ways and means of sound and movement exploration and stood fast, following the group dynamic when we were flowing and leading us when we hit the bumpy patches and got stuck in our stuff. Not an easy task by any means."

- Mr. W, age 62, Semi-Retired Ceramic Artist

"Daryl is a wonderful facilitator! I feel safe to explore and open up my instrument because he always listens to the voice and body with a keen eye and heart. Compassion, curiosity and insight are his guides and so each exploration is full of discoveries and adventure. I would recommend working with him to anyone who is looking for a supportive and fun environment in which to let go and open to the wonder that lives within."

- Miss S, age 27, Actor

"Anxious, self-conscious, and wanting to build confidence in using my voice and expressing myself, I was able to trust Daryl to help me in this process. His always caring, gentle, and respectful demeanour held a safe space for me to be vulnerable. The voice movement exercises encouraged me to take risks, and Daryl's flexibility with the structure of the sessions allowed me to meet my individual needs of the moment. I continue to be drawn to this modality for both my personal healing and my professional development."

- Miss S, age 35

"My sessions with Daryl are collegial, productive and challenging. Daryl helps me to express my withheld thoughts and feelings through body movements and voice. He encourages me to explore gesture in order to enhance the physical pleasure of body expression. Because I trust Daryl, I allow him to lead me to discover myself through my body. I benefit from feeling more lively, and better able to connect with others."

- Mr. M, age 58, Craftsman

"Taking the Movement Voice Therapy workshop was a great experience. It made me more conscious about the importance of working with my voice in a relaxing and at the same time powerful way."

- Mr. F, age 52, Foreign Languages Instructor

"I loved Daryl's VMT workshop. I had fun and felt safe . Daryl was very present and improvised very creative solutions to help us get through blocks and stretch boundaries."

- Mrs. R, age 60, Retired Computer Graphics Company Owner

"Daryl is a knowledgeable and compassionate teacher. He creates a warm and supportive environment where his students can express themselves in a spirit of fun and playfulness. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Daryl and would recommend him to all levels of students from beginner to experienced."

-Mrs. O, age 48, Sound Therapist

"Your indubitable commitment was obvious throughout the process. I felt myself slowly relaxing and relying on you! You were consistent and passionate."

- Mr. L, age 32, Gestalt Therapist

"Daryl's skilful and gentle guidance helped me begin to unravel layers and years of emotional baggage and return to myself."

- Ms. Z, age 52, Teacher/Psychotherapist